Enon Community Historical Society

Serving the Enon Community

The Enon Community Historical Society serves Enon and Mad River Township by preserving the history and heritage of the community. Our center of activity and home base is called the Mike Barry Research Center.

We are located at:

45 Indian Mound Drive, Enon, Ohio.

Features of the Mike Barry Research Room includes:
* A complete library of local history
* Genealogy information on local families
* Computerized genealogy records
* Related historical computer software
* DVD's of area events and interviews
* Library of historical photos
* Complete photographic inventory of historic sites of Mad River Township


President              Tim DeVore          2007-2013         
Vice President    Jennifer Hawks    2011-2013        
Secretary              Sandra Enyart      2010-2013        
Treasurer             Robin Barry           2009-2013       


Trustee               Bob Fowble                   1995-2014          
Trustee               Jan Wildman                2011-2014
Trustee               Gordon Goodfellow  2012-2014       
Trustee               Dennis Brown              2010-2015          
Trustee               Brenda Sweet               2007-2015          
Trustee               Marty Stover               2010-2013          
Trustee               Walter Adkins             2007-2013